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Fresh escargot available all year round for chefs and retailers

Our snail products are produced to order and despatched the same day via an overnight carrier. We have a dedicated processing unit in Wimborne, Dorset that enables us to handle large volumes of snails each week.

Blanched or Cooked Snails

Blanched Snails
Pack quantity – 120 snails

Prior to blanching, our snails are purged then put into a state of hibernation. Once blanched, they are de-shelled, packed and despatched the same day via overnight carrier. All of our blanched snails require simmering for 2 hours to cook and tenderise the meat.

Cooked Snails
Pack quantity - 120 snails

We cook our snails with stock, in a water bath for two hours at 96 degrees C. This method of cooking produces exceptional escargot that are tender and very tasty. We sell them in packs of 120 snails and they only require reheating to serve.

In-Shell Oven Ready Snails With Garlic And Parsley Butter

Pack quantity - 60 snails

We have introduced this product which is very competitively priced for the gastro pub, tapas bars, wine bar/bistros and many other markets.

The snail meat has been cooked in stock then packed into presentation shells with our own garlic and parsley butter.

They can be stored frozen and reheat very quickly for the perfect escargot dish.

Presentation Shells

Any quantity

These shells are from a different species (Helix lucorum), due to their beautiful markings and colours it makes them an ideal accompaniment when presenting eye catching dishes.

12 Oven Ready Dorset Snails in Garlic & Parsley Butter

Each pack contains 12 snails

Oven ready, in-shell Dorset Snails, served with our own garlic & parsley butter (option of smoked butter is available). Each tray comes in a presentation box which we initially designed for Fortnum & Mason.

They are supplied fresh and can be stored frozen. Samples are available for interested retailers.


20gms per jar

Once the eggs are harvested and cleaned, we then pack them into 20gms jars.

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