From celebrity chefs, newspapers and home chefs, everybody's talking about our snails.

The word is out, newspapers and magazine's are reporting that our snails are amongst the best snails in the country. But don't take my word for it, click on a link below to read the article.


"It is a picture recognised by David Ward, the co-founder of Dorset Snails, probably the largest commercial producer in the country..." Read more.

The Independent

"To the best of our knowledge we are the only British producer regularly supplying restaurants with fresh snails. Every week we shell, clean, blanch and chill..." Read more.


"We imported our first lot of breeders from Serbia and it took two years of experimentation to get the product right, whereby we can now supply four to five thousand snails every single week..." Read more.

Daily ECHO

"Jenny Jones cooks inspired modern British dishes sourced wherever possible from the wonderful local produce available throughout the south west of England..." Read more.

Dorset Magazine

"Gordon Ramsay is responsible for many things, probably most currently televisions F Word. But even he would be surprised if he knew that he provided the inspiration for a cottage industry near Wimborne in Dorset thats a runaway, or should that be a slither away, success..." Read more.

Foodie Bugle

"In an unremarkable farm building deep in the Dorset countryside near Wimborne, thousands of plump Helix Apersa Maxima (snails to you and me) live like kings..." Read more.

Dorset Shop

"Snails must be slow cooked!’ Dorset Snails ship them in a vacuum pack. This is cooked in a pan of water, on a ‘champagne simmer’ for two hours. Then rinsed in boiling water..." Read more.


"They’re becoming so popular we can’t keep up with demand,’ beams Tony, who supplies some of London’s top restaurants, including Claridges. ‘We’re hoping to farm 10,000 snails per week by the end of the year..." Read more.

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